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  • October

VLCI module 3 Modern Manufacturing Basic - Knowledge and Skills

Held on 9th October, 2019

On 9th October 2019, VLCI module 3 Modern Manufacturing Basic - Knowledge and Skills was conducted by Department of Mechanical Engineering. Mr.T S Rana(Anand Group), Mr. Rahul Jain (Chairman, Paragon Autotech Pvt Ltd Bhiwadi) & Mr. Naresh Kumar (Gabriel Group) were the chief demonstrators for this session. The objective of this module was to make the students aware of different aspects of management like self discipline, time management, brain storming, team work, problem solving and conflict management.

Self-discipline is nothing but adherence to set norms by own without any reminders from others. This was something that young students needed to understand before entering the factory. Another important sub-set was Time Management as time is the costliest resource. Time here means own time, our colleagues time and factorys time. Engineers are exposed to various problems in the day to-day working in shop floor. They are supposed to work with other team members and solve the problems collectively. This module threw light on techniques of Brain Storming in order to collect ideas from all team members without any bias and arrive at common understanding in a constrained environment.

One more necessary part conflict management was also introduced in this module. Students read and understand various terminologies during their academics about factory. In recent times, various new terminologies have been introduced in manufacturing. This module gave overview of the same so that students could communicate with ease in the factory. This module can be of great use for any business as application of these tools will help factories to smoothen material flow and thereby improving cash flow which in turn shall improve factory business health.