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Chairman's Message


As we all know that education, business, profession, in fact, everything is changing at a fast pace globally. We need to be at the right place at right time or we will be left behind. Hence the need arises to impart high quality education supplemented with the latest infrastructure since it gives us a chance to exploit future opportunities. That is what our college focuses on and we know that by putting the right people on the job we can make it a big success story. The focus is on a balanced education that encompasses on tradition of ethics and on the needs of a changing world.

Today, more than at any time in history, technology is changing. It has the power to transform economic, social, cultural and environmental situations of our country, so that all our countrymen may have food, shelter, education, health-care and employment within a given time-frame. Aravali College of engineering & Management, Faridabad, is dedicated to the task of making India a knowledge society: to create scientists and engineers of proven capability. The main goal is that the child not only becomes a successful individual in the vibrant and dynamic environment but also becomes a better human being that will make him a responsible citizen upholding our values and ethics.

The college aims at complete holistic development of your child. I invite you to explore this unique and fulfilling field of study and join hands to realize your dream of becoming an achiever as well as a good human being. Looking forward to your co-operation.