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Training And Placement

In the changing global environment, a suitable job is of utmost importance for the students.Thus, to facilitate this aspiration of the students we at Aravali College of Engineering & Management have a full-fledged Training and Placement department The Corporate Resource cell, which works towards the fulfillment of the students aspirations of having the best professional career.

The Training & Placement Cell is an initiative by Aravali College of Engineering & Management to provide a comprehensive array of services and support for its students that will assist them in their life-long career development and placement. The department acts as a central hub for the overall development of the student for the final placement and is a storehouse of all information and resources.

Corporate Resource Cell not only acts as an intermediary between the corporate world and the academic world but also provides guidance to the students for their choice of career. Training & Placement department also provides access to employers by generating ample opportunities for placements and brings awareness to the faculty and the students to prepare according to the changing demands of the industry. It maintains an ongoing corporate networking programme to place students and ensures a continuous flow of placement opportunities.

Companies like Accenture, Wipro, Infosys Technologies, Samsung Software Labs, Syntel India Ltd., I- Flex, L&T Infotech Ltd., HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Assurgent Technologies, Perot Systems, IBM, Tech Mahindra ltd., Sapient Corporation, Indian Army, Indian Navy, etc have been kind enough to provide placements to our students. The students have been from B Tech. ( Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication, and Mechanical branches), MBA, Many of the students have also taken up teaching as a profession and have been placed as Lecturers with various engineering college in the state of Haryana and neighboring states.

Following activities are conducted on the prominent basis for Students:

  • lecture sessions by eminent professionals from industries and educational organizations of national and international repute.
  • Organizing industrial visits and summer training.
  • Interact with the corporate houses for the placement of graduating students.
  • Maintain constant liaison with the concerned HR personnel of the companies visiting the campus.
  • Counseling of students for career development.
  • Undertake PDP programmes for the overall development of the student viz; verbal communication skills, group discussions, aptitude, attitude, competencies, interests, personality IQ/EQ development and interview techniques.
  • Develop alliances with the academic arm of industries to offer their courses as electives besides the University curriculum.

S.No. Company Name Category Location Course Placement/ Internship Interview Date
1 COBO Group Core Faridabad ECE Placement 17.09.2020
2 eConserve Resources Pvt. Ltd. Core Faridabad MBA Placement 14.09.2020
3 Hercules Structural Systems Pvt Ltd Core New Delhi ME/Civil Placement 07.09.2020
4 Benchmark Email Pvt Ltd Core Gurgaon CSE/ECE Placement 29.08.2020
5 Oswal Castings Pvt Ltd. Core Faridabad ME Placement 24.08.2020
6 Unthinkable Solutions(Daffodil Software) Core Gurgaon CSE/ECE/BCA Placement 26.08.2020
7 SVNA Ventures Core Noida MBA Placement 24.08.2020
8 Shubham Flexible Packaging Machines Core Faridabad ME Placement 18.08.2020
9 Cloud Analogy Services Pvt Ltd Core Noida ECE/CSE Placement 18.08.2020
10 Maksat Technologies Pvt Ltd Core New Delhi ECE/CSE Placement 28.07.2020
11 Lenskart Solutions Pvt Ltd Core Faridabad BBA/MBA Placement 25.07.2020
12 GrapeCity India Pvt Ltd Core Noida CSE/ECE Placement 14.07.2020
13 Phantom Healthcare Pvt Ltd Core Faridabad BBA Placement 22.05.2020
14 Apex Plastics Core Faridabad MBA Placement 05.03.2020
15 Technocrafts Consulting Pvt Ltd Core Gurugram MBA Placement 24.02.2020
16 Kotak Life Insurance Core Faridabad MBA Placement 17.01.2020
17 FINOIT Core Noida CSE Placement 17.02.2020
18 Dean Infotech Pvt Ltd Core Faridabad CSE Internship 18.02.2020
19 Madhyam Technologies Pvt Ltd Core Faridabad CSE/ECE/BBA Placement 17.02.2020
20 Corbus India Ltd Core Noida CSE Placement 14.02.2020
21 NS Matrix Services Pvt Ltd Core New Delhi CSE/ECE Placement 05.02.2020
22 HDFC Ergo Life Core New Delhi MBA Placement 31.01.2020
23 Franchise India Holding Pvt Ltd Core Faridabad MBA/BBA Placement 31.01.2020
24 Multigraphics Group Core New Delhi MBA/BBA Placement 30.01.2020
25 Optimus Information core Noida CSE Placement 29.01.2020
26 Alumax International Core Faridabad ME Placement/Internship 15.01.2019
27 Focus Energy Ltd Core Gurugram ME/EC Placement 24.01.2020
28 Genpact Core Pan India MBA/BBA Placement 24.01.2020
29 Lido Learning SemiCore Faridabad B.Tech/MBA/BBA Placement 20.01/2020
30 Jainsons Engineering Pvt Ltd Core Gurugram ME Placement 03.01.2020
31 Connect2India Core Faridabad CSE Placement 27.12.2019
32 Effectual Services Pvt Ltd Core Noida ECE Placement 30.12.2019
33 Mahavir Die Casters Pvt. Ltd Core Gurugram ME Placement 28.12.2019
34 Mahabir Plastics pvt ltd Core Faridabad ME Placement 24.12.2019
35 HCL Core Pan India CSE/ECE Placement 17.12.2019
36 ACEZD Consulting Pvt Ltd Core New Delhi ECE/ME Placement 21.11.2019
37 Foetron Cloud Core Gurugram CSE Placement 15.11.2019
38 Apex Plastics Core Faridabad ME Placement 12.11.2019
39 Global It Edge Core Faridabad CSE/ECE Placement 11.11.2019
40 Rapid Soft Technologies Core Gurugram ECE/CSE Placement 5.11.2019
41 Koyo Electronics Core Gurugram ECE/CSE Placement 4.11.2019
42 Maksat Technologies, Pvt Ltd Core New Delhi ECE Placement 1.11.2019
43 Indus Floor India Pvt Ltd Core Gurugram Civil Placement 24.10.2019
44 Cloud Analogy Technologies Core Noida CSE Placement 23.10.2019
45 Art N Glass Inc Core New Delhi ME/Civil Placement 22.10.2019 and 23.10.2019
46 3Dexter Education Pvt. Ltd. Core New Delhi ME/EC Placement 22.10.2019
47 Avon Tube Tech Pvt Ltd. Core Faridabad ME Placement 17.10.2019
48 Mobiloitte Core New Delhi CSE/EC/MBA Placement 15.10.2019
49 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd Core Faridabad CSE Placement 11.10.2019
50 ANR Software Pvt. Ltd Core Noida CSE/EC Placement 9.10.2019
51 Perfect Generator Technologies Pvt Ltd. Core Faridabad ME Placement 10.10.2019
52 Multigraphics Group Core New Delhi CSE/MBA Placement 3.10.2019
53 Oswal Castings Pvt Ltd. Core Faridabad ME Placement 30.9.2019
54 Quy Technologies Private Limited Core Faridabad CSE Placement 20.9.2019
55 VVDN Technologies Core Gurugram ECE Placement 19.9.2019
56 Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd Core Faridabad Civil Placement 7.9.2019
57 Just Ltd. Core Noida MBA/BBA Placement 3.9.2019
58 Robot Components Pvt Ltd. Core Faridabad ME Placement 26.8.2019
59 SKILL LOTTO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD(Sugal & Damini Group) Core Faridabad CSE Placement 25.8.2019
60 To The New Pvt Ltd Core Noida B.Tech-CSE Placement 6.8.2019
61 Focus Energy Ltd Core Gurugram B.Tech-ME Placement 5.8.2019
62 Saket Fab Pvt Ltd Core Palwal B.Tech-ME Placement 3.8.2019
63 Sterling Tool Limited Core Faridabad B.Tech-ME Placement 12.7.2019
64 Just Dial Ltd core Noida MBA Placement 9.7.2019
65 Asahi india glass ltd core Gurugram B.Tech- ME Placement 8.7.2019
66 Securico Electronics india Pvt Ltd Semi Core Faridabad B.Tech- ECE Placement 8.7.2019
67 Sony India Semi Core New Delhi B.Tech- ECE Placement 6.7.2019
68 Wipro HR Services India Ltd Semi Core New Delhi MBA Placement 5.7.2019
69 HR India Solutions core Faridabad MBA Placement 2.7.2019
70 Polestar Solutions India Pvt Ltd core Noida B.Tech-CSE/ECE Placement 29.6.2019
71 Rose IT Solution Pvt Ltd core New Delhi B.Tech-CSE Placement 29.6.2019
72 Subham Flexible Packaging core Faridabad B.Tech-ME/MBA Placement 28.6.2019
73 VVDN Technologies core Gurugram B.Tech-CSE/ECE Placement 28.6.2019
74 Pinclick india core New Delhi MBA placement 25.6.2019
75 Century Metal Recycling Ltd Semi Core Faridabad B.Tech-ECE/MBA Internship 21.6.2019
76 Hercules Structural systems pvt ltd core Pan India B.Tech-Civil/ME Placement 18.6.209
77 Perfect Generators Pvt Ltd core Ghaziabad B.Tech-ME Placement 18.6.2019
78 NS Matrix Services Pvt Ltd core New Delhi B.Tech-CSE Placement 13.06.2019
79 GVC Systmes Ltd Core Noida B.Tech-ECE Placement 12.06.2019
80 Beryl Systems Private Limited core Faridabad B.Tech-CSE Placement 12.6.2019
81 Babel Software Core Gurugram B.Tech-CSE Placement 11.6.2019
82 Alankit Ltd core Delhi MBA/BBA Placement 10.6.2019
83 Mindlance Semi Core Noida B.Tech-ECE Campus 10.6.2019
84 Divya Himachal Publication house Core Delhi MBA Placement 7.6.2019
85 Connect2India Core Faridabad B.Tech-CSE Placement 4.6.2019
86 Laksh Human resource india pvt ltd core Noida MBA Placement 25.5.2019
87 The Smart Tree core Noida MBA Placement 20.5.2019
88 Mahavir Die Casters Pvt. Ltd Core Gurugram MBA/BBA Placement 18.5.2019
89 RINKI ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT(NRR Power) Semi Core Faridabad B.Tech-ME/ECE Placement 16.05.2019