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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have stepped into the future and by now most of us have heard about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI refers to machine intelligence which is programmed to imitate humans and their actions. It is a mimic of human intelligence for learning and problem-solving.

On the other hand, Machine Learning works on the principles of artificial intelligence. It involves the study of computer algorithms that imitate human behaviour and improve automatically through experience.

  • Aravali College of Engineering and Management, Faridabad, offers B. Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning and Machine Learning) which is an undergraduate program with advanced learning solutions imparting acquaintances of advanced inventions like machine learning, often called deep learning and artificial intelligence.
  • This specialization is designed to qualify students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics, and visualization technologies. The main area of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a specified problem. Many efficacious applications based on machine learning exist already, including systems that analyse previous sales data to predict customer behaviour (financial management), detect faces or spoken speech, optimize robot behaviour so that a task can be accomplished using minimum resources, and citation of knowledge from bioinformatics data.
  • This program deliberates AI methods based in unalike fields, including neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining, to present an integrated treatment of machine learning problems and solutions.
  • Due to the cumulative demand for Artificial Intelligence, many AI courses have been started at various levels. However, Artificial Intelligence courses are still in the preliminary stages as it has been raised recently. The importance of AI grew in leaps and bounds in the past few years which is why, in terms of education, Artificial Intelligence is in quite a promising stage.
  • The possibilities in AI are enormous. It can range from building quantum computers to working as a software engineer researching neural networks, human-machine interfaces, or processing big data. With the ever-increasing demand for AI and machine learning, a lot of job roles are being introduced and the vacancy is increasing by the day. It is the right time to tap on these infinite possibilities in this field to pursue a successful career. All these opportunities are being offered by Aravali College of Engineering & Management, as AI and ML college in Faridabad, Haryana.
  • Machine learning is on the rise with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure launching their Cloud Machine learning platforms. Machine learning is part of our daily life, it is all around us without our realizing it. For example, in our email ids, 'Spam' is detected on its own and put in a different folder, also the 'Face Tagging' done by Facebook is an example of ML. Businesses will benefit greatly from machine learning as it learns from their experience and improves the process on their own.
  • Almost all organizations will be embracing machine learning sooner or later. Several job opportunities like Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist NLP Scientist, Software Developer, or Engineer (AI/ML), Human-Cantered Machine Learning Designer, etc will be available with high salary options. Even now the top companies in India are looking for skilled professionals in the field of AI and machine learning who would be industry-ready for various job roles.
  • Computer Science includes a course in Artificial Intelligence that teaches you to distinguish human behaviour on a computer. Upon taking up in Aravali College of Engineering and Management CSE (AI & ML), a specially curated program that includes topics such as problem-solving, computer vision, machine learning, reasoning among others. It helps you to generate tasks on a computer like decision making, visual perception as well as speech recognition, we pledge you it will give you in-depth acquaintances and make you industry-ready.

Name of the course: B. Tech. in CSE (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Type of course: Bachelor's Degree course

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility: 10+2 from a recognized board

Computers were operated only by human intervention in the past. Now they can fully operate on their own and have totally changed the procedures of organizations. The study of artificial intelligence and machine learning will incorporate all the tools and in-depth knowledge regarding the subject.

The course will explain in detail the different terminologies of AI, machine learning, data science, neural networks, and deep learning. It will explain to you what AI is capable of doing, the drawbacks, the innovations to improve it, and to build machine learning projects in real-time to understand.

The course will teach you topics like computer networks database management system, mining, natural language processing, algorithms, deep learning, compiler design, clustering, and internet technology. These will enable you to develop solutions for problems in real-time.

The course will make you industry ready by teaching you strategies to identify opportunities to apply artificial intelligence in an organization thus improving the work culture and growing the business.

The course content is extensive, comprehensive, and engulfs all the topics that will prepare you to become a professional in this field. A number of career opportunities will be opened with high salary options like data scientists, cybersecurity analysts, algorithm specialists, machine learning engineers, software engineers, computer scientists, etc.

Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning includes topics such as problem-solving, computer vision, machine learning, reasoning among others. These tools help you to create tasks on a computer like decision making, visual perception as well as speech recognition. With the growing demand and popularity of this stream of study, a number of career options are available.

As all industries and organizations have adapted to Artificial Intelligence applications, currently there is and in the future, there will be a high demand for opportunities in this field.

Industries require new techniques to automate their process. Machine learning is required to create applications that can run and operate the robots. The is a huge demand for professionals with machine learning skills. Due to exponential growth in the field of artificial intelligence in almost every sector, the course can benefit the aspirants with high salary options and scope of growth in their career.

Some job roles require predicting the course of actions that would be essential in enhancing the working of operations. This course will teach you to create algorithms and methods to achieve that goal and excel in your career.

With the rising use of artificial intelligence in almost every field from finance to automobiles, it is creating millions of jobs in many domains. The Artificial Intelligence course provides you with the skill set required for these jobs.

There is a lot of scope in this field like computer vision, robotics, applied maths, language detection, robotics, etc. These would lead to several career options like Computer scientists, Data Scientist, NLP Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, among many others. Freshers can expect a salary between 5-7 lakh per annum. Mid Level to experienced can range from 25-50 lakh per annum.

1 Course Fee 1,15,000.00
2 University Charges (Variable) 8,500
3 Security Fee (Refundable) 4,000
1 Hostel Fee AC 80,000
2 Hostel Fee NON-AC 65,000
3 Security Fee (Refundable) 4,000.00
1 Transport Fee As per Location
SR.NO Course Name Branch Qualification Min Percentage
1 B.Tech CSE - AI & ML 10+2 (PCM) 45%
  • Student seeking admission in any of the courses offered by the University must first register himself/herself at the Institute and can call on the no's +91-8527538785.
  • Candidate registered with the Institute has to fill the Admission Application Form prescribed by the Institute and has to attach the necessary testimonials in original and two photocopies each along with six passport size photographs.
  • The application form and the necessary documents will then be processed by the Institute and sent to the University for admission. Candidate is required to submit the application form along with the documents before 15 august every year
  • Student should carefully check their eligibility while taking admission in a particular course of the University. In case of non-eligibility institute will not be responsible for the cancellation of admission and fees will not be refunded.