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"Project Exhibition" in Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Held on 28th November 2019

A "Project Exhibition" was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on 28th November 2019, 10:00 am onwards in Lab no. 313. All the students of B. Tech. ECE III & V semester showcased their working projects (along with the synopsis and ppt on laptops).

Students of B. Tech. ECE brought and implemented very innovative topics of recent trend like IoT, Arduino, uses of sensors like PIR, piezoelectric, ultrasonic, pH, motion, alcohol detector etc...It was an excellent opportunity for students to show their technical proficiency and novel ideas. That would be beneficial to the students for placement in future also.

Director, Dean, all HODs and faculty members of all the departments have motivated the students and shared some valuable inputs with the students. Projects displayed in "Project Exhibition" are as follows

1. Alcohol detector engine locking system using ardiuno
2. GSM based LCD notification system and light automation using PIR sensor
3. Generation of electricity by walking using piezoelectric sensor
4. PH level water monitoring system using ardiuno
5. Motion control sensor
6. Anti collision robotic car using Bluetooth
7. Home automation using Google assistant
8. Bluetooth controlled home automation
9. Hand gesture control robotic car
10. Ultrasonic distance measurement
11. Smart dustbin
12. Smoke detector robotic car